3M AVI Systems Concept

3M AVI Systems Overview

The 3M AVI Systems automatic vehicle detection and classification technology consists of complex patented algorithms around which an intricate software program has been developed to produce a technology capable of meeting the highest accuracies for vehicle classification. This software package in conjunction with the in-ground patented axle loops provides a traffic technology capable of being integrated in most of today's traffic solutions. 3M AVI Systems is not only a versatile solution - it is also cost effective and low maintenance.

The 3M AVI Systems Technology can accurately count and classify vehicles in all weather conditions. It handles congestion with the same precision as free flow traffic and has the ability to identify straddling or tailgating vehicles. 3M AVI Systems can differentiate between trailers and tailgating vehicles, it can even classify dual tire vehicles.

3M AVI Systems is owned and developed by 3M. OSI LaserScan is an Authorized Distributor of 3M AVI Systems,  responsible for the implementation, integration and promotion of 3M AVI Systems. OSI LaserScan’s 3M AVI Systems certified engineers have undergone specialist training to qualify them to assist with 3M AVI Systems solutions.

3M AVI Systems Products

► DR 200 Data Recording        ► AT 600 Tolling

► DR 400 Data Recording        ► AT 700 Tolling         

► SF 600 Speed Enforcement ► Hardware

► Incidence Detection              ► SF 700 Profiling



3M AVI Systems Patents

► EP0879457                    ► USA 6345228

►USA 6483443                 ► USA 6337640