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Hardware for 3M AVI Systems

OSI LaserScan offers a full range of hardware for 3M AVI Systems solutions. A typical 3M AVI Systems installation consists of a server (one per site) equipped with one or more serial port expansion cards and a loop detector rack, designed to fit into a standard 19” roadside controller rack. We have experience in supplying 3M AVI Systems solutions, which handles vehicle detection and vehicle classification by axle count and dual tyre for sites in the following configurations:

                                            1x0 (One lane, no shoulders),                        1x1, (One lane, one shoulder),

                                            1x2 (One lane, two shoulders),                     2x0, 2x1, 2x2, 3x0, 3x1 and 3x2.

The 1U rack based server solutions offered by OSI LaserScan are designed for maximum redundancy and resilience and are typically tested and supplied with redundant power supplies, hot plug redundant disk arrays configured in RAID 1, and redundant Gigabit network adapters. 

The 3M AVI Systems Server is equipped with up to 24 channel serial card solutions, which can be set up to handle a maximum of 96 inductive loops for a single site, all operating in parallel, with data available real time.

3M AVI Systems Products

► DR 200 Data Recording        ► AT 600 Tolling

► DR 400 Data Recording        ► AT 700 Tolling         

► SF 600 Speed Enforcement ► Hardware

► Incidence Detection             ► SF 700 Profiling


3M AVI Systems Patents

► EP0879457                    ► USA 6345228

►USA 6483443                 ► USA 6337640