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OSI LaserScan was founded in 2003 following OSI's acquisition of the Sensor Business Unit of Schwartz Electro-Optics. The company continued to operate in Orlando, Florida, until September 2008, when it became a division of OSI Optoelectronics and operations moved to OSI Optoelectronics' facilities in Hawthorne, California.


OSI LaserScan produces a variety of leading laser scanner systems for worldwide commercial use. As a leader in advanced laser scanning technology, OSI LaserScan has developed, and patented, a sophisticated range of infrared vehicle sensors which tracks and analyzes traffic across a wide range of traffic surveillance surveillance applications. 

Quality Assurance Certifications

AutoSense product reliability is very important to our customers and we take great care to ensure that our products are manufactured to the highest standards. OSI LaserScan is currently certified to ISO-9001:2008 and AS-9100:2004 Rev. B. 


Our customers are for the most part system integrators who design, supply and install advanced toll collection systems and traffic management solutions.


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OSI LaserScan
12525 Chadron Avenue
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Phone: 310-978-0516
Fax: 310-644-1727

E-mail: sales@osilaserscan.com


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