AS618 Single Lane Vehicle Detector & Classifier

The AutoSense AS618 is available as  AS-618-UDH, and AS618-EDH. The AS618 combines dual beams (i.e. two separate planes of detection) with an unsurpassed scanning rate of 360 scans per second per beam with angular resolution of 1 degree and 35 degrees field of view. The higher field of view compared to the 30 degrees of the AS615 makes the AS618 suitable for installation in locations with mounting height limitations such as tunnels and low gantries. The classification parameters are fully configurable and can be defined in terms of vehicle length, vehicle height, vehicle width, profile and tow bar detection.

The AS618 is supplied in a Nitrogen-filled, hermetically sealed package, which ensures high reliability and long life time. The product is a Class-1 laser (Eye safe) and is equipped with window heater, which allows it to operate down to -40 degree C.

The AS618 communicates over RS-422 and can be set to communicate vehicle class and vehicle presence over a low speed serial interface or alternatively, range and intensity for every single pixel in real time over a high speed serial interface. 

AS618 Multilane Configuration 



Product Features

  • High scan rate (360 scans per second per beam 
  • 35 degree field of view 
  • 1 degree angular resolution 
  • 120V and 240V versions available 
  • Dual beam design
  • Overlapping pixels, continuous field 

Product Applications


  • Vehicle Detection

  • Vehicle Classification

  • Camera triggering



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