AS9390 Vehicle Detector & Camera Trigger

The AS9390 is the first product in OSI LaserScan's new AS9000 series. The AS9390 is a vehicle detector and camera trigger for Single Lane and MultiLane applications. The AS9390 scans a single beam across a 90 degree field of view with an unsurpassed scanning rate of 120 scans per second and angular resolution of 1 degree

Range and intensity is available either through Ethernet or RS-422 serial port for every pixel of every scan. The AS9390 is based on OSI LaserScan's patented scanning technology which provides pixles that overlap and line up perfectly across the entire field of view.

The AS9390 operates at 24V DC and is supplied in a Nitrogen-filled, hermetically sealed package, which ensures high reliability and long life time. Hermiticity is is continuously monitored, which ensures that any leak is immediately detected thereby avoiding damage being caused to the device. The product is a Class-1 laser (Eye safe) and is equipped with a window heater, which allows it to operate down to -40 degree C / F.

The AS9390 is ROHS compliant and will be available for delivery in all markets from February 2011.

   AS9390 in 3-lane configuration




Product Features

  • 24 V DC Supply Voltage 
  • 90 degrees field of view 
  • 1 degree angular resolution
  • High Scan Rate                 (120 scans / s) 
  • Wide temperature range
  • Ethernet and Serial communication 
  • Continuous leak detection
  • High reliability 

Product Applications


  • Vehicle Detection

  • Camera triggering



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