AutoSense concept

AutoSense™ Design Considerations

When designing road side systems for open road tolling, it is important to consider design aspects such as scanner field of view, angular resolution, overlap between scanners, redundancy requirements etc. In the sketches above the same road configuration with 3 lanes and 2 shoulders is shown with different selection of AutoSense™ scanner products. Both designs are currently in operation and working successfully. When designing with AS825, which has a field of view of 60 degrees and angular resolution of 0.67 degrees, overlap and angular resolution will be higher compared to a design based on AS615. However, small cars would more easily be shadowed by big trucks. Using the AS615, there would be less overlap, but shadowing would be less of a risk due to the lower field of view.


AutoSense™ Products


► AS615 Single Lane Vehicle Detector / Classifier

► AS618 Single Lane Vehicle Detector / Classifier

► AS825 Dual Lane Vehicle Detector / Classifier


Product Certifications


IEC 60825-1 2007 (Class 1 Laser product)

► IEC 60950-1 (Safety)

► FCC 47CFR 15B clA / ICES 003 / CE

► CAN/CSA 950-95