AutoSense concept


The first AutoSenseTM products were developed in the mid 1990’s. The original patented AutoSenseTM design combines dual beams with very high scanning rate (360 scans per second per beam), which allows highly accurate and reliable vehicle detection and classification at highway speeds. AutoSenseTM products are field-proven within the toll collection industry, where the accuracy and reliability of vehicle detection and vehicle classification equipment directly impact the bottom line. The high scanning rate enables AutoSenseTM devices to reliably separate closely following vehicles in the open road tolling environment. AutoSenseTM products offer the advantage of every single pixel slightly overlapping the next to form a continuous scan line. This feature is unique and makes the AutoSenseTM products ideal for detection of tow bars and other characteristics that set vehicle classes apart. AutoSenseTM products are available in various configurations. Single lane AutoSenseTM devices are still being used by many system integrators even for multilane Open Road Tolling (ORT) applications. These devices typically operate with a field of view of 30 degrees (AS615) or 35 degrees (AS618). The dual lane AutoSenseTM device (AS825) operates with a 60 degree field of view.


AutoSense™ Patents


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Product Certifications


IEC 60825-1 2007 (Class 1 Laser product)

► IEC 60950-1 (Safety)

► FCC 47CFR 15B clA / ICES 003 / CE

► CAN/CSA 950-95