Vehicle Detection & Classification

Around the world there are a large number of different vehicle classification schemes in operation. Parameters such as registered weight, registered emissions, axles, dual tires, length, height, volume, height above first axle, vehicle profile and vehicle occupancy in any number of combination are all in use.

The common denominator for any toll system is the need for a high level of integrity both in terms of vehicle count (detection) and vehicle classification. Operators of manual toll systems know full well that most loss in collections are related to inaccurate vehicle count and deliberate mis-classification by toll collectors.

In order to respond to specific needs in all markets, OSI LaserScan offers highly accurate and reliable solutions. For axle- and tyre based classification, we offer the Idris solution and for vehicle classification based on vehicle profile, height, width, length or any combination of these, we offer the AutoSenseTM solution.

Each technology has its pros and cons. Performance of laser based classification systems tend to deteriorate in adverse weather conditions such as snow, fog and heavy rain, while in-pavement solutions perform better when traffic is moving compared to stop-and-go events.       

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►Vehicle Classification based on: 
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► Vehicle Classification based on: 
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