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CCT, Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Cross-City Tunnel (CCT) is a 2.1 km tunnel that runs under the Sydney central business district, between Darling Harbour and Rushcutters Bay. The CCT is owned by a consortium led by ABN Amro and Leighton Holdings. The CCT was the first tunnel world-wide with an All-Electronic toll system located inside the tunnel. OSI LaserScan has supplied AutoSense 615 units, which are used for the purpose of vehicle detection, camera triggering and vehicle classification. Vehicles are classified into two separate classes, Class 2: Height: less than or equal to 2.8m, Length: less than or equal to 12.5m and Class 4: Height: greater than 2.8m, Length: greater than 12.5m.                     

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Opened to traffic: August 2005

Products in operation: AS615

Quantity in operation: ~12

Integrator: Q-Free

Operator: CrossCity Motorway Pty Ltd   

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