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Cross-Israel Highway

Highway 6, or the Cross-Israel Highway, is a 140 km highway (including the 18 km on the northern and the 35 km on the southern extensions) along the eastern part of Israel from north of Beer Sheva in the south to the Galilee in the north. Derech Eretz Highways (1997) Ltd, which was jointly owned by Shikun Ubinui, Africa Israel and Canadian Highways Infrastructure Corporation, received the concession to construct and operate Highway 6 from the State of Israel. The highway has been maintained and operated by a sister company Derech Eretz Highways Management corporation Ltd. (otherwise known as Derech Eretz Operator). OSI LaserScan has supplied AutoSense II units and AutoSense 615 units, which are used for the purpose of vehicle detection, camera triggering and vehicle classification. Vehicles are classified into seven separate classes.

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Facts                                                     Highway 6

Opened to traffic: 2004

Products in operation: ASII, AS615

Quantity in operation: ~60

Integrator: Raytheon Co.

Operator: Derech Eretz Operator   

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