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Return Material Authorization (RMA)

To request an RMA, please complete the XL sheet available: OSI LaserScan RMA Request Form

Based on your failure mode description, OSI LaserScan engineers will assess whether a unit is a candidate for remote troubleshooting or needs to be returned to the factory for repair. Hence, please provide as much details as possible when requesting an RMA. Shipping cost for returning the unit(s) to OSI LaserScan shall be borne by the customer. For units repaired under warranty, OSI LaserScan will cover the return shipping cost. For units out of warranty, the cost of shipping from OSI LaserScan to the customer shall be borne by the customer.

Depending on the customer's credit status, OSI may request advance payment prior to issuing an RMA no. For units that are out of warranty, a Purchase Order for the amount of US$ 300.00 per unit must be issued by the customer before OSI LaserScan initiates failure mode evaluation. Once the reason for failure is established, OSI LaserScan will provide a repair cost estimate and indicate the time to complete the repair upon receipt of confirmation / approval by the customer to proceed with the repair. A formal quotation will be issued upon request, but we will also proceed with the repair if you send us an e-mail confirming your acceptance of the repair cost.

When you receive the RMA no. you may ship the unit to OSI LaserScan. Please make sure that the RMA no. and all serial numbers are clearly visible on the shipping package. Please make sure that the unit is properly packaged. AutoSense units are fragile and must be properly secured when shipping. We recommend you retain the original AutoSense packaging material and use it when returning RMA units.

Our objective is to return every unit received under RMA within 30 days of receipt. However, in the event of intermittent failures, OSI LaserScan will monitor the unit over time in order to better understand the cause of failure. In such cases, the repair may take longer than 30 days. OSI LaserScan is fully committed to Root Cause Analysis to ensure continuous improvement of operational reliability.

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